The Importance of Sadaqah (Charity)

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Many of us take for granted the blessings which we have in our lives such as food, clean drinking water, clothing, shelter, good health…etc.  While so many people throughout the world can barely feed themselves and their families – forget about other necessities of life.  Hidaya distributes Sadaqah in the form of sacrifice and cash.

Sadaqah in the form of Sacrifice
For poor people in this day and age, a meal including meat is a luxury that they seldom enjoy. Sadaqah in the form of Sacrifice is performed by Hidaya year round in economically depressed areas of the world. Sacrifice is usually performed within 72 hours of receipt of donation. Sadaqah meat is distributed to the needy. It costs $120 for a goat/sheep, and $420 for an ox/buffalo.

Sadaqah in the form of Cash
Hidaya distributes Sadaqah among people in extreme poverty.  It is distributed in the form of cash or based on other needs of the people such as dry ration, cooked food, hand pumps for clean water, clothing/fabric, educational support, medical assistance, etc.